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Aris Ref Sheet by thotoh Aris Ref Sheet by thotoh
EDIT: Updated her parkour outfit. Seems to be more fitting.

Name: Aris (Eh-ris)
Age: 24 in earth years
Height: 5'10"; 6'0" with heels
Preferred weapon: Dual guns she keeps on the holders of her back
Occupation: Lieutenant
Status: Super loyal to the Irken Empire.

Aris never knew how or where she was born. All she knew was that when she was no more than a toddler, she was clothed in Irken Armada attire and was forced to learn how to wield a gun and swipe a knife. She grew to be jumpy and a bit scared of everything around her. Due to her skin discoloration, all her peers and instructors treated her like dirt. She was always chosen last for everything and was assigned terrible tasks. She then determined that she wasn't going to let anyone treat her like nothing when she grows up. For hundreds of years, she worked hard at her studies, eventually able to become a soldier. With determination, her first task was to march alongside others in order to take down the Vortians. This was her first mission to stray away from Irk and into a new planet. 

After landing, she realized that she did not know how to fight against another alien species. She did her best to attack, but being such a young soldier, she wasn't sure how to tackle on the problem. Being so new to the field, she immediately went down. She was badly damaged as she trudged on, suffering cuts and bullet damages. Her task was not fuflilled as Vortians blocked her way of advancing further. They shot laser beams into her eyes, nearly blinding her. She grew unconscious as she fell down into a pit, where she landed, breaking her arm and several aspects of her ribs. When she came to, her eyes flickered up to see she was trapped, all sounds of war and battle replaced by utter silence. She looked around her, to see Irkens with their paks cracked and their eyes staring at nothing with pools of blood around them. Aris noticed the Vortian weapons piercing through their faces, concluding that Irkens had lost the war. She had to find a way out, clamboring fruitlessly up. She grew more panicked and afraid and started to get an anxiety attack, images flashing through her eyes of her being dragged by the dead Irken bodies. It took her several hours to get out, promising herself that she needed to find a way to get around faster or else something worse could have happened down in the pit. 

She looked around at the surface, seeing dead alien bodies all over the place. Irken flags were torn and weapons were scattered all around. She had to decide whether or not to look for more survivors or board the emergency escape pod on the destroyed aircraft. Without a choice, she knew that her life was more important, eventually escaping.

Returning to Irk, many people were very surprised that an irken with a birth defect could survive a war with their rival race. They took her in and bandaged her eyes, telling the bad news that she was to be partially blind all her life now. They offered to perform surgery, which she took, but was not able to restore her original eye color or vision back as the damage was that bad. 

This event showed to her superiors on how she was one of the only survivors of the war. She was still a soldier, but was able to work her way up for years to earn her lieutenant title. She was given her own office and a badge that showed off her honorable work. She kept her promise to herself and indulged in the art of parkour to get around faster. She calls it a hobby, but seems a bit too into it. Whatever she does, she swore that she will get back at the Vortians for taking the lives of her fellow Irkens and damaging her body. She clings dearly to her lieutenant title as it took years of racism and hardwork to earn it, especially because of her mutated blue skin.


Gymnastics, as well as quick and agile parkouring in a gymnasts' way. She usually fights with whatever is around her and uses her environment to take down her opponents. She also uses two guns on each hand which are located on holsters on her behind. She prefers to use firearms.

She is discriminatory against Vortians. She is weak at handling swords of any kind. She is slow at running on the ground since most of time she parkours. Semi-blind since she had recent surgery on her eyes due to an accident. Bright light affects her. The dark also affects her as it reminds her of the fear of being stuck down at the pit of the Vortian planet. She is also diabetic, and isn't able to eat the Irken snacks that all of Irk loves so much.

Likes: The color purple and blue, her appearance, makeup, yoga, meditating, although she doesn't like to admit it, she loves handsome men.

Dislikes: Annoying people, smudging makeup, ridicule of her mutated skin and eyes that seem to have no irises, people who grab her antennas and gaining weight.

- She loves to act ladylike and maintaining a professional composure.
- Her long antennas are extensions. She would grow them out to what they used to be, but it gets in the way of her parkour.
- Her guns are her babies. She loves them to death. The guns also have a sharp blade at the end that can stab as well. Designed by TheCau Ref:…

Deadmau5 - Strobe:
Kygo - Firestone:


Been a while since I updated her reference. Her last one was a bit crappy haha. I also updated her outfit and added some other ones. 

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